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Everything is 9PM and Jayneration.
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If you guys didn’t know, SNSD and 2PM (minus Taecyeon) will be attending HEC Korean Festival in Vietnam tomorrow (March 22, 2014). With only 4 groups in the event (with Miss A and Sistar), hopefully there will be 9pm :D 

→ Anonymous whispered : Wooyoung said he thought of Taeyeon at night when she was sick in ep 3, with 2PM

Here you go, previous anon! Thank you, anon.. Gah, so many anons :( reveal yourselves! It’s hard shipping 9pm, people will judge. anyway, thank you again!

→ Anonymous whispered : Hello!! Do you by any chance remember which episode Wooyoung says he thinks of Taeyeon at night when she was ill whilst doing the speed talk for WIN WIN?? :) Thanks alot ^^

Sorry! I already tried searching for it but I couldnt find :( 

→ Anonymous whispered : nooooooo i dont like these new year gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my yoona my wooyoung my khuna taecyoon wootae my otps T_________T

Yeah, got me feeling sad as well :( but that doesnt mean we gotta stop shipping them. 2pm and snsd will always be perfect for each other hahaha plus at least theyre still really close friends after these years we thought theyre gone. 

→ Anonymous whispered : Are sooyoung and junho close?

I’m not one to judge, but they are both ‘90 liners. And they had moments in the past like when it was believed that Junho asked for Sooyoung’s number as seen in this video: plus Sooyoung thanked Junho in her thanks to in SNSD’s Oh! Album. They constantly greet each other when on stage too